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Endurance Athletes - Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists, Swimmers

To achieve your goals as a runner or triathlete, there are many components that can be simplified for you.  Either via private and group lessons, one on one training experiences or via phone and email consulting, FIT / FAST ensures you get the best information and research, the most benefit for the time spent and the safest training protocols available!

Triathlon Coaching – Comprehensive Monthly Training Plans that include an in depth consultation to understand your needs, goals and lifestyle. Every plan includes unlimited contact via phone and email at any time you need.  Your questions are answered as soon as possible, not once a week!

Swim Lessons
– Stroke correction or complete solutions to learn how to swim quickly & efficiently.

Running/Cycling – Everything to get faster or gain endurance including customized training plans to coached workout sessions,
gait assessment, drills & form work!

Triathlon, Cycling and Running Clinics -
Basic or advanced sessions to provide you the tools to finish safely or smash the competition and your previous best time! 2 hours long.      

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes
- A specific training program to make you faster in running, cycling and swimming!   

Endurance Nutrition -
How to eat before, during and after races to ensure the best results.  Don't fail to achieve your potential because you didn't fuel correctly! 
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