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Fitness Enthusiasts

Adults Requiring Weight Loss and Physical Fitness

While there are many solutions to help you around your work, family and life commitments, the most popular include:

Personal Training - one on one or small group strength training – inside the gym or out.  The most gratifying and inspiring workouts keep you
interested and achieve results.  Available at your home, our facility or at an outdoor location near you!

Nutrition and Weight Loss Planning A friendly boost to help you to achieve an elusive goal and improve your health.

Boot Camps – Small group training sessions to push to you toward strength and weight loss.
With friends, coworkers, or just one on one!

Some specialty groups include:
Active Older Adults
Deconditioned Children
Pre-Post Surgery / Pre-Post Natal
Bridal Parties

       Corporate / Hotel Fitness

- Your health and wellness program can not only save your company on health expenses, but lead to more productive and happier employees.  As experienced consultants, FIT / FAST can not only design and implement your exercise facility, but lead and manage programs, classes, special events and work with your healthcare provider to create the best work experience and retain key employees.

Senior Management Training and Team Building
- Prepare for the rigors of travel, how to eat right on the road, develop camaraderie and achieve physical goals that translate in the boardroom.

Hotel Fitness
- For both private guest training and conference planning, offering wellness programs to attendees provides high levels of satisfaction with your venue, but profitability streams previously unexplored.

                Youth Athletes

The joy of achievement is something that our youth should experience on a daily basis.  At FIT / FAST, the goal is to apply the sports specific training needed to help you or your child achieve the ABC'S - Agility, Balance, Coordination, Strength and Speed.

One on One and small group training sessions are available for both genders. 

Competency in Lacrosse, Football, Baseball, Softball, Cycling, Bowling, Swimming, Running (Track/Cross country/Turf Sports), Swimming, Basketball, Fencing, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Wrestling, Motocross, Golf, Soccer, Field and Ice Hockey, Tennis, Boxing, Competitive Ice Skating (Figure), MMA/Combat Conditioning, Dancing (Magnate School), Adventure Racing (Tough Mudder/Spartan Race/Crossfit/Warrior Dash) with skills and strategy specialization in basketball (25+ years coaching and playing experience)
Youth strength training and weight management

Any sport need, any type of child, including special needs - we're here to help get children moving in a fun and safe environment

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