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Speed & Agility Training

Individual, Small Group, and Large Group Speed & Agility Training Sessions are forming right now!  Locations include a track or field near you, your property, and at our private facility in Chatham.  Other options and locations are available for groups of 4 or more in any town, for any team.  Contact Us to discuss your athlete's needs today!

Training Sessions: Privately and Group

If we are not running a clinic, simply propose a time and day (minimum of 4 participants in all group sessions required) - we will help you fill a time slot with other participants if you do not have 4 !  We mix and match speed & agility and sports conditioning to the participants.

Speed and Agility
includes helping athletes move faster from both the first step to acceleration and endurance.  Balance, coordination, injury prevention, direction change, acceleration and deceleration are intensively drilled.

Advanced Sports Conditioning
prepares an athlete to begin day one of practice in the best possible shape.  It is also used as a catch up to supplement team practice and improve an athlete's ability to play longer and harder.  Intense cardiovascular training and bodyweight strength training are vital. 
Proper nutrition, flexibility and sports psychology are all explored.  This solution is for serious athletes playing at high school, tournament or "A" level teams.

FIT / FAST athletes train with us to compete in many diverse sports including:
Soccer, Football, Baseball, Softball, Boxing, Track, Cross Country, Cycling, Swimming, Field and Ice Hockey,
Competitive Ice Skating (Figure), Motocross, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Dancing (Magnate School), Tennis, Cheerleading, Volleyball, Golf, Adventure Racing (Tough Mudder/Spartan Race/Crossfit/Warrior Dash)

There is a solution for your athlete or yourself! We'll help you make the best decision that works for your schedule and budget!!
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